Hello, friend.

College student, health/fitness enthusiast that has a bad habit of not being healthy/fit or enthusiastic, in love with my lovely lady, and a Buddhist. Feel free to talk to me about anything. If you need to talk about something I am very open to help you through it the best way I can. :)
Love you.


(barely) Hi-Res ! 2014 10 15 - ’ The Penguins Of Madagascar ‘  Vignette (magazine) Publicity Photos

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Keep in mind:

eating will not hurt you

eating will not make you gain an unnecessary amount of weight

eating will keep you alive and give you energy to live

eating will get easier as time passes

eating is necessary

eating is life



yall mocking amanda bynes for her public struggle with mental illnesses while being all tagging trigger warning n shit becuase you “care about other peoples illnesses and safety” i see you and i can smell your fake ass miles away and i dont appreciate this stinky concept 


A Ravenclaw uses Alohomora

A Slytherin uses a lockpick

A Gryffindor charges to ram the door down

A Hufflepuff tries the doorknob and finds it wasn’t locked in the first place.


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